Excel… in whatever way you choose

Here at Octopus Psychology, we offer contemporary psychology and psychotherapy, life coaching and counselling coupled with advanced neurotechnology.

Through our tailored individual therapy and targeted psychological programmes, we lead you to a deeper understanding of what drives you and help you achieve genuine well-being, compassion and resilience, in every aspect of your life.

With access to sophisticated non-invasive neurotechnology you can promote and protect your brain health to ensure you have the edge in learning, performance and stress management.

However successful you are, you may still wonder if you really are the very best you could be. In every area of your life, is there a better you?

Imagine working alongside some of the UK’s leading psychology professionals who combine decades of experience with the latest techniques in neuroscience. Imagine using a package of psychological treatment to develop a real understanding of what drives you — personally and professionally — then discovering how you can harness the very best aspects of you, to excel in whatever way you choose.

Understanding what better is

But to be better, first you must understand what better is. Often, even the most successful people need professional support to achieve the real self–awareness that brings fulfilment and ultimate well–being.

That’s what working with the Octopus team means. It’s about connecting with the very best professionals in counselling, psychotherapy, neuroscience and coaching. We provide individual psychological services as well as access to online programme to enhance the process of working to Transform your life, make an effective Transition into a new life phase or manage some of the unique challenges faced by elite athletes and their clubs. This is centred completely around you and your goals, to help shape and achieve who you want to be.

Harness the latest technology to optimise your brain

Depending on your individual needs, access Octopus MindGym for our range of revolutionary neuro-technologies to accelerate learning, improve performance, calm your nervous system and protect and promote good brain health. You can even buy them in our shop to use in the comfort of your own home or to stay calm when facing stressful situations

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