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Transform Programme

De-stress – Be the very best you

No matter how great your achievements,
do you still feel
you’re not quite good enough?

Are you stressed to the hilt? Always rushing to get through an endless list of work tasks? Frightened you will let others down if you ease up? But worried your job is killing you or your relationships?

You don’t have to feel like this.

Octopus Psychology offers a unique tailored programme to help you calm your nervous system and be at your best. Delivered on-line or in person, the acclaimed Transform programme combines traditional ‘talking’ methods with the latest technology advances in neuroscience. It includes:
  • An assessment with a consultant clinical psychologist or consultant psychotherapist to understand your unique barriers to being at your most mentally and emotionally fit and tailoring a treatment package for you.
  • 10 sessions with an experienced specialist consultant clinical psychologist or psychotherapist to work on removing these barriers to well-being. The sessions will address any difficulties that are getting in the way of you excelling and will enable you to feel and be at your best – from distressed to de-stressed.
  • Full access to the Safe & Sound Protocol. This unique evidence-based auditory programme was developed by Stephen Porges, developer of the polyvagal theory of emotional regulation, and is scientifically proven to calm the nervous system.
  • A pair of RoshiWave glasses to give you that added ability to get into flow state at the push of a button.
  • Daily support and advice via the Octopus WhatsApp clinic.

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The unique and scientific way to improve mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

A non-invasive listening therapy to aid in emotional regulation for anxiety, trauma, AD(H)D and ASD.

Transforming Organisations

Most senior managers will tell you that managing people is the most challenging aspect of any business.