Who benefits from the Transform programme — and how?

One of the most rewarding things about our work at Octopus is the positive feedback we receive from clients.

It is a fact that most people we work with — perhaps like you — have never before sought the kind of professional help we provide. Sure, some people have had some counselling or read the odd self–help book. But what we offer is unique in its ability to help people tackle the things that are holding them back and become the best possible version of themselves.

There are as many reasons for approaching us as there are people seeking support. But here are some examples of things you may seek help with:

  • Finding purpose and motivation
  • Coping with pressure — and boredom
  • Making the right judgement calls
  • Understanding — and managing — anger
  • Achieving a better work/life balance
  • Overcoming self–doubt
  • Learning not to be harsh and judgmental — on others, but especially on yourself

And when it comes to relationships:

  • Building healthy honest and balanced relationships at home and at work
  • Learning to communicate effectively — saying what you really need
  • Listening to others and respecting their boundaries
  • Coping with the imperfections in others and helping them achieve their potential
  • Celebrating others’ success without feeling personally challenged or secretly resentful
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