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Most senior managers will tell you that managing people is the most challenging aspect of any business or organisation. Octopus works not just with individuals, but with organisations too to bring the very best out of workplace teams.

We all know of disruptive team members who are vital to the business but whose behaviour often demotivates others. Or the loner whose unwillingness to share intelligence and ideas hampers team progress. Add your own destructive disruptors to the list.
Understanding what drives them is the starting point for changing that behaviour and building better teams. Helping organisations ensure that the right people are in the right roles and positively motivated is an integral part of the Octopus portfolio.

Working with a organisations HR team

The Octopus Team Enhancement Programme engages senior managers and HR teams to work towards:

  • Building high achieving teams that deliver results
  • Creating a supportive team framework built on compassion and co–operation
  • Encouraging teams to co–operate positively so each individual plays to their own strengths and respects the qualities others bring
  • Fostering a culture where everyone achieves their work goals and still has time for non–work interests
  • Establishing a culture of openness, positive innovation and a willingness to embrace new ideas

At Octopus, we are experienced in a range of techniques — organisational training, away days, personal and team coaching, supervision and mentoring — and will blend them in whatever combination works best for you.

Understand the issues – then act

First we establish your current business culture and your key goals. We then work with you to learn where you think the obstacles to better team performance lie.

Understanding the ‘why’, we then work with you to identify the ‘how, when, what and where’ to bring out the very best in you and your colleagues, improve well–being and enhance your business performance as a result.

Transform Programme

Are you stressed to the hilt? Always rushing to get through an endless list of work tasks?

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