You’re in safe hands

Make no mistake — finding the best you involves some real soul searching. And if you are going to dig deep to find that better you, or help others in your business to grow through self-knowledge, you need to be sure you are in the safest and most expert hands.

Sadly, as we all know, there are those out there who claim to help but lack the skill, training and depth of experience to deliver.

Octopus comprises a team of highly skilled psychologists and psychological therapists. We are each qualified to doctorate level and beyond. Between us we have an unrivalled blend of expertise across a range of coaching, counselling and psychological disciplines.

Just as importantly, we approach our work with care and compassion. We are passionately committed to delivering the best outcomes for the individuals and businesses with whom we work.

Based on the latest neuroscientific research

To help you achieve your personal and work goals, we deploy some of the most advanced intervention techniques based on the very latest neuroscience research. Check out the ‘meet the team‘ section to see some of the cutting edge techniques in which we are qualified.

We have each practised professionally and extensively in a range of psychological and counselling disciplines — with individuals, with businesses and in the public sector — often working in the most challenging environments. And whatever the challenges, the results we achieve are positive and life–changing.

From working with those who simply wish to improve their current performance at work or to be more at ease and comfortable in their social and personal life, to those facing more difficult issues and challenges — addiction, childhood trauma, betrayal trauma, relationship conflict, persistent health issues, depression, burnout or recovery from recrimination after speaking up — we understand how to help people change their lives for the better.