The Transition Programme – the retirement conundrum

Many driven and successful business leaders and elite athletes spend decades defining themselves by who they are at work. So when radical change to work–life balance is demanded — for instance at retirement age or after life-changing injury or illness — it can trigger a whole existential crisis.

If my career is ending, then who exactly am I? How will I, and others, value me? What is the rest of my life about?

Reassessing real value

As a team, we have helped many high achievers facing this dilemma. Within bespoke programmes, we guide people to reassess where their real value lies and help them apply all the skills and experience they have acquired to enhance and enrich their lives after full–time full–on work.

Together we shape a fulfilling future. Those we work with come to realise their true value as fully rounded individuals with an abundance to offer to friends, family and society more broadly.

Transition is available to individuals who are preparing to retire, those who have already started their retirement or those starting a new phase of life

There are as many reasons for approaching us as there are people seeking support. But here is a flavour of what might be termed the ‘presenting symptoms’ – the desires which lead people to reach out to us for help:

  • Discovering who you are without your old work persona; getting to know the real you
  • Finding new purpose without becoming a slave to it
  • Developing a routine with space to enjoy your newfound freedom
  • Dealing with feelings about the end of your working life
  • Channeling your need for power and control
  • Guarding against ‘freedom frenzy’
  • Learning to cope with difficult feelings when you relied on work as an escape
  • Coping with loss of status
  • Using your work skills to give something back, both to yourself and others

And when it comes to relationships:

  • Managing how retirement impacts relationships at home
  • Creating new social and support networks
  • Managing contact — or loss of contact — with work colleagues
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