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Help to Heal


We have a collection of free resources shared with clients over the years when they’ve been in need of a little extra support. All of the items are available in other places on-line but I’ve curated them on my Help to Heal Substack to make it easier for you to access and find what you need to keep on an even keel.

Therapy can be costly and maybe it’s not affordable to you right now? Or maybe you want to really capitalise on your current motivation and maximise what you can achieve in as few sessions as possible?

You might be someone who’s had so much pain that you know you need to go slowly and gently and want a bit of additional support for when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Some of the resources like the trauma focused interventions (Se-REM and TRE) were originally developed by others as standalone resources that can be used in place of therapy to help you recover from trauma.

Our experience is that you are less likely to need therapy to accompany these resources if your trauma was a single one-off episode like a road traffic accident. If you’ve experienced trauma on multiple occasions, for instance if you were physically or sexually abused during childhood, you might still benefit from therapy to help address the way it’s left you viewing relationships with others.

You’ll find that most of these resources can help you be more emotionally stable, whether you choose to be in therapy or choose to go it alone. All of the resources are designed to help you stay in your Window of Tolerance. That’s your ability to remain calm and level-headed, to not feel emotionally overwhelmed and to feel as if you are in charge of your life.

If you have any questions about any of the resources we’ve collected, or simply want to find out more about how therapy or neurotechnology might help address your issues, please feel free to email us. I’ve been working as a clinical psychologist for 27 years so if I don’t know the answer to your question, I probably know someone else who does.