Applying science and technology to aid well-being

Modern life brings a range of challenges;

  • How can you manage your stress more effectively?
  • Is it possible to get a better night’s sleep?
  • Can you accelerate your learning?
  • Are there simple ways to improve your performance in anxiety provoking situations?
  • Can you support your immune system?
  • Can you protect your brain health?
Octopus MindGym is right at the cutting edge in the use of the latest neurotechnology to achieve all this and more.

As qualified clinical psychologists and experienced therapy practitioners, we are ideally placed to guide you on what technology will work best for you.

Unlike many of the devices on the market, all of the technology we offer is non-invasive and is designed to encourage your brain to be “at its own best for you” rather than teaching it to act like the average brain.

Within our peaceful headquarters in the beautiful town of Oundle, we offer a number of services alongside psychological therapy. During a consultation with one of our team, we can help you find the right technology that will deliver positive results for you.

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