RoshiWaveⓇ – the unique and scientific way to improve mental, emotional and physical well-being, and optimise your brain power.

  • Used by elite athletes and performers worldwide.
  • Now available exclusively in the UK from Octopus Psychology.

Roshi devices have been used by clinicians and helping Olympians and professional athletes to optimise their mental and physical performance since 1990.

Now, the new generation RoshiWave is available in the UK to help anyone looking to improve their well-being and brain performance.

What makes RoshiWave unique…

Safe and easy to use, RoshiWave deploys light and electromagnetic stimulation over the full range of brain frequencies to achieve what psychologists describe as the brain’s steady-state response.

Unlike other systems which work on averages, RoshiWave uniquely encourages your own brain away from destructive patterns, optimising your brain performance and your sense of inner peace and calm.

..and how it can help you

Exclusively available from Octopus Psychology MindGym in the UK alongside psychological therapies, online psychological programmes, Neuroptimal and Safe and Sound Protocol

  • Induce calm and reduce anxiety
  • Increase proprioception
  • Improve sleep
  • Help with pain management
  • Optimise brain performance at work and socially
  • Provide relaxation around stressful situations
  • Protect your brain against aging


Imagine no longer feeling stressed before visiting the dentist, boarding a long-haul flight or making a career-defining presentation. This simple portable device, small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag, helps to deliver the inner-peace you seek.

One 20-60 minute RoshiWave session is akin to a session of deep meditation. Like meditation, it quietness the chatter of the brain and enables you to achieve a state of peace, clarity and focus, quickly, safely, simply. You will feel better, and perform better. When used regularly, it promotes lasting change.

Exclusively from Octopus Psychology MIndGym in the UK

  • Psychological Therapy(links)
  • Online programmes (Links)
  • NeurOptimal(Link)
  • Safe & Sound Protocol (link)

Try before buying – introductory offer exclusively from Octopus Psychology MindGym

RoshiWave offers great value. The complete set includes:

  • RoshiWave unit programmed with latest software
  • Colour changing RBG Roshi-Glasses
  • Colour changing RGB silicon covered Roshi-Visor for added comfort
  • USB charger
  • Carrying case

And retails for just £1750.00 Add to cart

Add Roshi-View glasses to allow for sight while receiving Roshi stimulation for just £295.00.Add to cart

One device can be used by several members of a household or patients and staff in residential services units.

But uniquely, you have the chance to either rent units for a limited period, or take advantage of a Roshi treatment at Octopus Psychology MindGym HQ in Oundle,

Northamptonshire. And if you purchase, we will refund the cost of the session. Click here to book an appointment or for more information (link)

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